Suzuki SV650X Unveiled

Suzuki appear to have taken the year off after their flurry of activity for 2017 new models. Heading into 2018 the only new model is this attractive, but hardly ground-breaking, new SV650X.

Touted as a café racer, it’s fundamentally identical to the current SV650 roadster, with the exception of a couple of styling tweaks that see it receive a slotted headlamp cowl which flows in to the new side panels that in turn flow back to the tank carried over from the roadster. The tail unit remains unchanged, while the tuck-and-roll seat is a new addition, and has a modicum of 70’s charm about it.

There is only one engineering upgrade, which sees the previously non-adjustable fork gain preload adjustment. This new feature will actually roll over to the naked for 2018, too – and is a welcome addition for those wanting to ride a little harder thanks to the canted forward riding position created by the café seat and new clip-ons.

The rider and pillion footrests have been treated to a coat of black paint, and the decals on the tank are different. The cheeky little foglights are actually an optional extra, while there’s just one paintjob for the X model – making it unmistakably distinctive in classy black and silver with a red pinstripe. Unbelievably, that’s it for 2018 from Suzuki.

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