Taylor Swift falls while perfoming over on wet stage

Taylor Swift painfully hit the deck during a gig at the weekend, but a slippery stage won’t keep that girl down. Having survived a waterlogged gig the day before, Taylor wasn’t so lucky on night two, coming a cropper thanks to a puddle on stage at the Metlife Stadium in Rutherford, New Jersey.
The singer’s Reputation tour is full of energetic dance moves, but combining that with a wet surface was not a good idea and as she pulled one move she lost her footing and ended up on her backside while singing Call It What You Want.
But hey, this is Tay, and she’s had much worse try and knock her down. After sharing a laugh with her backing dancer, she got to her feet and shook it off. See what we did there. A fan uploaded a clip of the slip up, commenting: ‘It’s not a Taylor Swift headlining tour if she doesn’t fall on her butt at least once.’

But a spot of torrential rain and a bruise on her posterior wasn’t going to stop Taylor, who was back on her feet in seconds. The day before, her show had almost been rained off, but she braved the elements to save disappointing her fans. ‘FULL RAIN SHOW’, she wrote on Instagram, alongside pictures of her soaked to the bone.
Last night we all danced together for 2 hours in the pouring rain – who knows what the Jersey skies will bring us tonight but we’re *ready for it*.’
Swift performed her entire 19-song set list in the terrible weather, not even the slightest bit bothered that she was surrounded by a whole heap of electrical equipment. The Swifties weren’t put off either, donning their T-Swizzle rain ponchos and rocking out anyway. One wrote on social media: ‘Taylor Swift is the only artist who can turn rain during a show into something positive and have her fans excited about it.
She really is a great performer huh.’ Another added: ‘ugh can you believe taylor swift invented rain.’ We can, we definitely can.

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