‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Opens Up On S3x Tape Negotiation

Star Amber Portwood has finally broken her silence on reports about s’ex tape negotiation. She confirms that she and her fiance Matt Baier are currently discussing with Vivid Entertainment to star in their own s’ex tape, but she hasn’t decided yet.

“It’s in consideration. I still have not made up my mind,” the MTV reality TV star tells said. “I am not strapped for cash. I have a nice house, a nice life. I have everything I need. But I’m a business person.”

The mother of one admits the deal could stand to make her “millions” and she could use that money towards “opening rehab centers all over the world.” She adds, though, “Right now I’m weighing the pros and cons. I’ve called most of my family and they told me they love me no matter what.”

Matt additionally confirms that Vivid is offering $85,000 in advance and 35 percent of the net revenues. “We are considering it, we look at all offers,” he chimes in, but adds that the chances of them taking the deal are “slim.”

Amber’s former co-star Farrah Abraham has previously starred in her own s’ex tapes which are distributed by Vivid. Farrah recently slammed Amber and Matt for trying to follow her move. “They hope to follow in footsteps of mine, the envy of them wanting to be me never fails,” she told Us Weekly. “I doubt doing a s’ex tape at 26 is the right direction. It’s sad how hard Amber tries to be me.”

Responding to Farrah’s negative comment, Matt says, “It bums me out that Farrah would say negative things and come at us like that. When she made her tape, MTV kicked her off the show. Amber and I were the only ones to support her and to this day we stand by that. Our issues with Farrah have nothing to do with her tape.”

Amber adds that she was approached by Vivid “years ago,” even before Farrah was approached by the company.

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