Teen Who Walks Miles To And From Work Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime (Video)

Nineteen-year-old Derrick Taylor has been working since he was just 14 years old to help take care of his sick mother since she can’t work. And when he was offered a job at a UPS center across town about a year ago, he eagerly took the position even though it was more than five miles from his home and he didn’t have a car.

So for the past year, Derrick has been getting up early and walking the five miles to work to make it to his 4 a.m. shift on time and then walking the entire way back after an exhausting day loading and unloading vans. “There were days when I walked there and you know caught a ride home and there were days I caught a ride there and walked home because I didn’t wanna ask anyone to take me,” the young man said. “I didn’t want to bother people but it’s a good eight to ten miles.”

Derrick’s co-workers knew he was too proud to ask for help, and decided to pool together money and buy him a car. “This is a hardworking young man. He makes me emotional. This young man wants to work so bad, he walks to work from way out of town,” Derrick’s safety instructor said before revealing their incredible surprise. “This group here, we’ve got something for you. Everybody came together, and you don’t have to walk no more. You’ve got your own ride.”

Watch the entire video below to see the amazing moment this hard-working young man gets the surprise of a lifetime.

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