Teenage Girl Wins The Right To Return From The Dead

The teenager, who cannot be named, died last month and is now in a ‘cryostat’ tank at around -196C (-321F) inside the Michigan-based Cryonics Institute, it can be reported for the first time today.

Teenager cancer victim, 14, becomes the first British child to be cryogenically FROZEN after winning court battle against her father

She was at the centre of a fierce legal battle between her divorced parents – with her mother agreeing to her wish to be frozen while her estranged father refused because of its £37,000 cost and the brutal process of preserving her. He told the High Court: ‘Even if the treatment is successful and she is brought back to life in, let’s say, 200 years, she may not find any relative and she might not remember things.

She may be left in a desperate situation – given that she is still only 14-years-old – and will be in the United States of America.’ Mr Justice Peter Jackson was called a ‘hero’ by the child before she died after he agreed to her dying wish so that one day she could ‘be cured and woken up’. Her body has been flown to America and she has since slowly been chilled over two to three weeks in Liquid Nitrogen and stored next to around 150 other bodies

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