Teenage Mother Left Her Baby To Die While She Hung Out With Pals For 1 Week

A teenage mother has been nabbed to face criminal prosecution after she left her own daughter to die by abandoning him for one week.

Viktoria Kuznetsova left her baby to die
Viktoria Kuznetsova, a teenage mum is facing 10 years behind bars after letting her baby starve to death as she abandoned him for a week so she could party with pals.
According to The Sun UK, the young mother had been living with nine-month-old baby Egor and her husband in the town of Rostov, Russia, before he was called up for military service.
But as soon as he left the house, the 17-year-old put baby Egor in a pram, locked the door and went off to see her mates.
She then spent the whole week partying and staying in college dorms while her baby slowly starved.
The day after leaving the family home, she posted on her social media page: “Everything is ok.”
This was followed by two other posts. One said: “Hanging out with Nastya, I’ve dyed my hair black.”
And two days later she posted: “We argue, we’re holding grudges and getting angry with those whom we love sincerely and whom we’re afraid of losing.”
According to reports, when dormitory staff asked her where her baby was she told them he was staying with an aunt.
Egor’s rotting remains were eventually discovered after neighbours became suspicious about not seeing her or the baby for a week and called the police.
They broke down the apartment door and found him motionless in his pram.
During interrogation, the teenage brunette, who faces 10 years in jail, admitted she had left the baby to die because she didn’t want to take care of him.
It was also discovered that eight months earlier she had given the tot to an orphanage but that he had been returned to her just two months ago.
Following her arrest, her unnamed husband, who has since filed for divorce, posted a pic of the baby alongside the caption: “That’s what my son was like.”

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