Teenager Arrested After Dancing The Macarena In Saudi Arabia

A teenager who went viral after he was filmed dancing to the Macarena in Saudi Arabia has been arrested.

The boy, whose identity has not been revealed, is being questioned by Saudi Arabian authorities after being accused of “improper public behaviour”.

In the short clip, which has received over 2000 retweets, the 14-year-old boy is seen bringing traffic to a standstill as he performs the iconic dance, which was first popularised in the 1990s.

It is believed that the clip was originally filmed in July 2016, but went viral after it was initially posted on Twitter last month.

The teenager’s punishment is yet to be revealed, with a  lack of proper penal law in Saudi Arabia meaning that authorities wildly differ in their approach to ‘improper behaviour’ in the country.

The clip also received a mixed reaction, with some hitting out at the boy for performing the ‘western dance’ and claiming that it is not ‘haram’, referring to any act that is forbidden by Islamic law.

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