The loneliness is brutal: Sky Sports presenter Simon Thomas has viewers in tears as he talks about the aftermath of his wife Gemma’s death

The former presenter of sky Sports Simon Thomas spoke candidly and frankly about his grief following wife Gemma’s death last year. Losing her to a rare and aggressive from of cancer in November, the 45-year-old TV star revealed one of the most brutal assaults on his life and emotions following her death was loneliness.
The loneliness is brutal,’ he said, while explaining grief strikes him most during ‘the mundane’ day-to-day tasks he has round the house. ‘This is where grief gets you, It’s in the mundane,’ he remarked as he explained how he broke down as he did the washing the other week.
Simon opened up about the death of his wife Gemma and his grief during a poignant interview ‘I was trying to get through it all… and I just started crying.’ However, he explained that while he was ‘hit’ by it all over again his eight-year-old son, Ethan, was there to offer him support.
It just hit me again, I have to struggle through this on my own, and I started crying,’ Simon said. ‘But within 20 seconds I heard the pitter patter of feet up the stairs and he gave me a hug, and told me: “Daddy, you’re going to be OK.”’ ‘The loneliness is brutal,’ he said while talking about life following her death. Asked by Lorraine Kelly how he was adjusting to being on his own during their interview on her ITV breakfast show, Simon told her: ‘The loneliness is brutal. It is, because you’ve gone in three days – she left the house to go to A&E in Redding, and she never walked back into the house again. ‘She’s not there anymore and it hurts.’ Simon’s poignant words struck a chord with viewers at home.

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