These Are The Amazing Things You Can Do In Japan On Cat Day


Known as “Neko no Hi”, it was chosen because the date’s numerals, 2/22 (ni ni ni), are pronounced fairly closely to the sound a cat makes in Japan (nyan nyan nyan).

You can play tricks on your cat

Picture of Twitter user RitzChan's catImage copyrightTwitter / @RitzChan_
Image captionThis Twitter user pranked a sleeping pet cat which woke up to find itself buried under an avalanche of toy mice
Tweet by @HirokiAsai_0201 of his catImage copyrightTwitter / @HirokiAsai_0201
Image captionAnother user felt the need to get close to his pet on Cat Day

You can dress up as a cat

Tweet by @yancoromarch on Cat DayImage copyrightTwitter / @yancoromarch
Image captionOne famous cosplayer who donned cat ears was Yancoromarch

Enthusiasts of cosplay, the art of dressing up like animated characters, posted pictures of themselves dressed as cats, or wearing “nekomimi” (cat’s ears).

You can make food look like cats

Tweet by @_HO_TA_TE_ on cat-shaped onigiri ballsImage copyrightTwitter / @_HO_TA_TE_
Image captionSome have celebrated by making cat-shaped food, like rice balls

You can monetise cats

Over the years the day has become a commercial success, with shops and businesses releasing cat-themed items.

Tweet by @ikumi_mama on special donuts for Cat DayImage copyrightTwitter / @ikumi_mama
Image captionIkumi Mama, a bakery known for producing animal-shaped pastries, released a special set of cat doughnuts
Tweet by @nekokeizai on Kaldi Coffee FarmImage copyrightTwitter / @nekokeizai
Image captionKaldi Coffee Farm, which sells coffee and imported foods, released a special cat-themed bag for the day, including tea, biscuits and a calendar

Disney in Japan declared the day to be “Marie Day,” after the young female character from the Aristocats, while newspaper Asahi Shimbun marked the occasion with a special report from one of Japan’s cat cafes, where you can sit for an hour or two in the company of numerous pampered and purring moggies.

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