Things To Do With Plantain

If you have ever eaten dodo (fried plantain), then you will echo the above statement.

Plantain which belongs to the same family as Banana is starchy and has low sugar when unripe. Its sugar content increases as it ripens.

The plantain is green when unripe but will change colour to yellow or black when ripe. And for those who are not aware, delicious plantain is a fruit (not a vegetable).

Dodo (fried plantain)

This is the king of all Plantain related food. It is made from ripe plantain which has been fried.

Image: funke koleosho


Unripe plantain is used to make a savory porridge with fish, vegetables, pepper and tomatoes.

Image: Nneka Otika

Mosa (Plantain fritters)

This is made from blended ripe plantain which is then fried. Reminds me of “puff puff”, only sweeter.

Image: recipeshubs


Slightly ripe or unripe plantain is diced, then fried or baked (depending on your fitfam behaviour) and then enjoyed. Another tasty Nigerian snack gifted to us by the Plantain.

Image: recipeshubs

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