This 14 Yr Old Impressed The Judges With THIS Song. But What He Did Next Made The Crowd ERUPT!

There have been some amazingly talented people discovered through shows like the X-factor. This young guy is no exception. This video shows Jai Waetford’s audition for the Australian installment of The X Factor, and it is simply a treat to the ears!

14 year old Jai walked onstage with his guitar and said he would be singing “Different World” by Jes Hudak. He really impressed the judges as well as the audience with this one. But when asked to sing one of his own compositions, he did not disappoint. He sang a song he penned himself called “Don’t Let Me Go”, which left some of the judges in tears! He went on to win third place in that year’s X Factor and has now a few albums under his belt!

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