Thousands Of Passengers Escape Hurricane Irma On Cruise With Free Booze

Thousands of cruise passengers who had their holiday cut short because of Hurricane Irma have been welcomed aboard a second ship, with an unlimited free bar and food, to escape from the storm. Talk about making the best of a bad situation.

Two cruise ships, Escape and Norwegian Sky, arrived in Miami earlier than expected to avoid sailing through the hurricane. Although passengers were given a partial refund and 25 percent off a future cruise, many were left stranded with no hotels booked or flights home organised.

I can think of worse places to be stranded. Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line

So, the Norwegian Cruise Line stepped in and came to the rescue, offering passengers the chance to escape on board… the Escape.

For any passengers who found themselves stuck, the company offered them a place on the cruise, free of charge, and with full access to free food, drinks and entertainment while on board.

The Escape offers its lucky passengers some serious luxury, with onsite spa, water-slides and plenty of bars and restaurants. It even has a theatre.

It’s not yet known where the cruise will head to, but I don’t think those on board will even care, do you?

Vanessa Picariello, a spokesperson from Norwegian Cruise Line, told USA Today: “We’re making every effort to have at least one port of call. If not, it will be a cruise to nowhere and everyone will have a good time.”

Just one of the many bars on Escape. Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line

She added that the company hopes it will be back in Miami by Tuesday, but it depends on when the port is opened.

One lucky passenger, Margaret Cunningham, 65, told the Sun she decided to stay on board after the captain assured them the ship could outrun the hurricane.

She said: “They’ve been very clear that they’re not going to run out of food. They’re not going to run out of water.

“They’re not going to run out of booze – very important – and so we’re just going to stay on and enjoy the ride.”

I’m with Margaret on this.

Source: USA Today; The Norwegian Cruise Line; The Sun

Featured Image Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line

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