Top 5 Hilarious Reasons Why People Filed for Divorce

man disappointed in a relationship

Divorce is a serious and mostly unpleasant topic. Whenever we think about divorce, such things as infidelity or child abuse pop-up in our heads. Only after sometime we start thinking that there are reasons for divorce. Like love that had faded away or people just got tired of each other. No matter how sad, unsettling or banal those reasons can seem they are the most common. What is less common is filing for the divorce because a spouse’s architectural tastes didn’t match yours or because you got upset with the spouse’s face without makeup. So, let’s check the most hilarious reasons why people filed for the divorce.




Well, it seems it’s going to become a common reason for the divorce in the next four years. In 2017 one California woman filed for the divorce, because her husband has voted for Trump. The strangest thing is that they were a happy married couple for more than twenty years. Personal may be political, but it is better not to let political become personal.


He did it first


A New York woman filed for the divorce after more than twenty years of marriage, because she found out that her husband has divorced her first. They’ve got married in 1994, and few months later her husband divorced her secretly in Dominican Republic. The husband claims that he did it, because he wanted to protect their assets, but wife thinks that he did it, because he wanted to rob her of assets.


No makeup, no marriage


A man filed for the divorce from his wife, just after few months after the wedding was held. The reason for the divorce, according to him, is that his bride fooled him into marrying her with cosmetics. Yep, few months after marriage they were swimming in the ocean, and the water washed her makeup. We can only wonder what was the real appearance of that woman and how a husband managed not to see his wife without makeup few months after marriage.


Got possessed?I’m filing for the divorce!


That’s right, an Italian man filed for the divorce from his wife, because, according to him she was possessed by the devil. Guess he loved her that much that he didn’t even tried to call the exorcist and went straight ahead to filing for the divorce. Or maybe she fooled him into marrying her lying that she wasn’t possessed? Remember “The Exorcist”? It doesn’t sound great when you are marrying, let’s say, Sofia, and then it turns out that you are married to Pazuzu.


Size does matter after all…


In 2015 one Nigerian woman filed for the divorce from her husband, citing irreconcilable differences, just one week after their wedding. The actual reason was that her husband penis was that big that she couldn’t handle it. Was proud of your big willie? Well, think twice, because it may be quite a good reason for the divorce.


Mind that those are only five ridiculous reasons for filing a divorce. Actually there are thousands of them. Some manage to divorce after seventy years of being married, after a husband learned that his wife cheated on him in 1940s with his best friend. So, when you are about to get married, make sure that you’ve seen your bride without makeup and make sure that she is not possessed. Thanks to our friends from Romancecompass Scam for providing this post.


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