Top 5 Reasons Why Your Ex Keeps Crawling Back Into Your Life

Some relationships end on a good note where both agree mutually that it is best to detach while some end on an ugly note. What if after you have gotten over the hurt and pain of breaking up then your ex keeps crawling back into your life again out of nowhere and leave you wondering why.

Here are some reasons your ex can keep coming back into your life.

They want a second chance:  Some exes may come back to you because they truly want a second chance with you, they have sat down to think about what happened and are ready to fix the problem and ready to show they have changed. “If both of you have worked on the issues that separated you, there is a possibility of giving your love a second chance”.

You are the comfort zone: When one is a relationship for long, you and your partner automatically become so used to each other and it might become difficult to fit in another relationship so when your ex keeps coming back it means they have tried another relationship and realised it is so much work and will want to get back to their comfort zone which is you, where they don’t have to put many efforts.

Unsure: Some exes are unsure and confused on what they want, they know the relationship won’t work but still want to be with you without making changes to what is affecting the relationship. Accepting this kind of people back might lead to a lot of emotional turmoil because you will only be going around the circle again and again with no improvement.

S*x: “Even though casual s3x is quite common, some exes keep crawling in your life just for the physical intimacy”. Some exes only come back because of the s3x between you both especially if you’ve both had great s3x, they will make you believe they are back to stay but it is just the s3x they are back for.

Ego: If you are the type that has moved on after your break up or trying to focus more on your life and priorities and your ex might be the type that believes you can’t do without them, they might come back because they feel you can’t be better off without them.

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