Top 7 AwesomeThings About Being A Barchelor

The days of bachelorhood stay close to any grown up man. Let’s find out why!

1. Finding an accommodation is a HUGE task!



2. ‘Who-will-do-the-dishes’ stays their favorite game!

Things About Being A Bachelor


3. They set classic examples of ‘demand and supply’ theory.

Things About Being A Bachelor


4. Life without a girlfriend is too tough. Social pressure dude!

Life without a girlfriend


5. Food, friends and ‘daaru’ MINUS when and where!

Food and friends

6. Glasses for them are too lofty a goal. After all why do things come in containers!

Things About Being A Bachelor

7. Pizza carton towers are a usual sight!

Things About Being A Bachelor


8. Their home décor spells ‘bachelorhood’!



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