Tour De France Cyclist Shares Photo Of His Legs

I can’t even begin to imagine the physical toll upon someone’s body that comes from taking part in an event like the Tour de France.

And now I don’t have to, because Polish cyclist Pawel Poljanski has shared a shocking image of what his legs look like after a gruelling 16 stages – or, to put it another way, around 2,829km – of cycling.

Check it out:

Is anyone else just screaming loads? It can’t just be me.

Alongside the photo, Pawel wrote: “After 16 stages I think my legs look a little tired,” which is quite the fucking understatement.

Those sunburnt kneecaps on what looks like the Hulk’s legs are too much, and I’m not the only one to think that. The photo went viral shortly after it was posted and has since been shared almost 13,000 times in 14 hours.

Credit: PA

Pawel’s legs have also attracted hundreds of comments, with some people freaking out over the post, some praising him for his commitment and dedication, others asking if he’s tired (I think he probably is) and my personal favourite: “Looks like a human leaf wtf”.

Pawel is currently 75th in the race, which continues later today, and there are still five more stages until he gets to give those legs a proper rest.

British cyclist Chris Froome is, so far, in the lead. Thankfully, he has yet to share a photo of his legs.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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