Trump Wants A ‘Pretty Korean Lady’ Negotiating With North Korea



AMID fresh controversy over comments he made about migrants from “shithole countries”, United States President Donald Trump has now been accused of calling an intelligence expert a “pretty Korean lady” and asking why she wasn’t negotiating with North Korea on behalf of the US.

Two officials reportedly told NBC News that the exchange occurred last year, in which the intelligence analyst – an expert on hostage situations –  sought to brief the president on the October release of a family held hostage in Pakistan.

“Where are you from?” Trump asked after the briefing concluded, to which the analyst responded she was from Manhattan, New York, the same as the president.

He reportedly pushed her further to know where “your people” were from, to which she responded her parents were Korean migrants.

According to officials that spoke to NBC News, Trump then asked why a “pretty Korean lady” wasn’t negotiating with Pyongyang.

“I am not a racist,” he told reporters on Sunday when asked if he was a racist, as quoted by CNN.

“No, I’m not a racist. I’m the least racist person you will ever interview.”

The president has regularly drawn criticism for comments deemed sexist and racist. Prior to being elected in 2016, footage surfaced in which Trump bragged that “when you’re a star … you can do anything [to women].”

In comments he later denied, Trump last week drew flack from both sides of politics for allegedly calling Haiti and African nations “shithole countries” during a discussion on a bipartisan immigration bill at the Oval Office.

He reportedly said that he would be open to more migration from Asia because Asian migrants benefit the US economy.

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