Trump Warns Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Could Stop US-UK Trade

The US president issued the warning to the UK prime minister outside the White House Monday after she spent hours defending it in Parliament. Trump said: ‘I think we have to take a look seriously whether or not the UK is allowed to trade.

‘Because right now if you look at the deal, they may not be able to trade with us. ‘And that wouldn’t be a good thing. I don’t think they meant that.’ Gamer ‘heard raping girl, 15, on Grand Theft Auto livestream’

He added: ‘I don’t think that the Prime Minister meant that. And, hopefully, she’ll be able to do something about that. ‘But, right now, as the deal stands she may not, they may not, be able to trade with the US. And, I don’t think they want that at all.’ The president did not offer further information on what part of May’s planned deal he was worried about.

He spoke out as the UK prime minister spent two-and-a-half hours defending her draft withdrawal agreement in the Houses of Parliament. The agreement will see the UK retain close economic ties to the European Union, which formally signaled its approval of the deal Sunday. That has angered many Brexiteers who wished for a clean break from the EU, but May insists her agreement will allow the UK to regain control of its borders and slash immigration figures.

Anger over the number of migrants entering Britain was a key reason given by many of those who voted for Brexit in the June 2016 referendum. May will now put the draft agreement to a vote on December 11, with many of her own party stablemates as well as those in opposition warning that they plan to vote against it. Should May’s bill be defeated, she will almost certainly have to resign as prime minister.

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