Turkey Detain ‘ISIS Executioner’ On The Run From Raqqa

SDF Fighters Retake more Areas from ISIS Terrorists in Manbij in Syria’s Aleppo

A perilous individual from the ISIS psychological militant gathering who figured out how to get away from Syria’s Raqqa to Turkey was captured, uncovered Turkish security sources on Thursday.

They said that Ali Raed Hajj Othman, 56, otherwise called the “ISIS killer in Raqqa”, was confined with eight different fear based oppressors, including a lady, in the province of Adana on March 30.

Investigations revealed that Hajj Othman operated as ISIS’ executioner in Raqqa, said the sources.

Turkey’s Hürriyet newspaper added, according to investigation sources, that he worked as an intelligence agent for the terror group.

He gathered information by disguising himself as a simple egg vendor. He had also carried out several executions for ISIS.

Moreover, the investigations found that two of his sons, as well as his brother-in-law had joined the terrorist organization. One of his sons and his brother-in-law had carried out a bombing in Syria’s city of Tall Abyad.

Hajj Othman had managed to illegally enter Turkey and reside in Adana after ISIS’ defeat in Raqqa.

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