Turkey’s Business Circle Welcomes New Economic Program

A report was announced on Thursday that Turkish business people have welcomed the country’s new economic program for the period of 2019-2021. The head of Turkey’s Foreign Economic Relations Board ‘DEIK’ Nail Olpak, made mention in a statement that the gradual economic growth targets in the new Medium-Term Program ‘MTP’ are consistent with inflation targets through 2021.

Olpak said; “Setting practical goals and resting on systematic data is the most crucial aspect of the new MTP.” Olpak noted that the new MTP offers a very comprehensive content, including the business people’s priorities of fiscal discipline, free market, struggle with inflation, sustainable growth and export.

He added; “We will face difficulties in the short term, but economic growth will continue steadily in the medium-long-run,” “Now, it is time to take action, for all of us.”

And also in another statement made by Turkish Exporters’ Assembly ‘TIM,’ Chairman Ismail Gulle said that the new MTP is ready in an extremely practical way.

Gulle said: “Our year-end target is climbing over $170 billion in exports,” “We also promise to make next year’s export target of $182 billion.”

He said; “This year, net exports will give substantially to the economic growth, and it will continue next year.”
“At every opportunity, we mention that making value-added export is the most healthy way to make qualitative economic growth and to lower current account deficit.

He added; “Every step to improve Turkey’s macroeconomic conditions will be based on export, and both numbers of our exporters and the quality of our exports will increase.”

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