Twitter’s Pretty Sure Nicki Minaj Forgot Her Lyrics At The People’s Choice Awards

Last night, Nicki Minaj and Tyga (yup – Kylie Jenner’s ex) opened the People’s Choice Awards. They performed their new single ‘Good Form’, but Twitter thinks there was something off with the performance. Well, Nicki’s side of things at least.

Viewers have taken to Twitter to comment on the fact that Nicki appeared to forget some of her lyrics, and was even lip-syncing.

Basically, a few times during the song, she blatantly stopped singing, which is when you could hear the backing track. So did she forget the lyrics? Or was it on purpose? And does that mean she was lip-syncing? As always, Twitter has a lot of opinions on the matter.

Twitter’s pretty sure Nicki Minaj forgot her lyrics at the People’s Choice Awards

A number of people were pretty disappointed with Nicki and Tyga’s performance…

Instead of #NickiMinaj fighting with #CardiB maybe she should have stayed home and learned her lyrics for tonight #PeoplesChoiceAwards

— jordine4 (@96dayz) November 12, 2018
Is it just me or did @NICKIMINAJ forget her lyrics?

— Nelly♏️ (@iNellyBoss) November 12, 2018
Lol @NICKIMINAJ stay forgetting lyrics to her verses 🙄

— K. Miller (@babyy_kellz) November 12, 2018
This Nicki Minaj performance is horrible. She don’t even know her own lyrics. Wow. #peopleschoiceawards

— Chavous (@ChaChaslide88) November 12, 2018
@NICKIMINAJ Why can’t you remember your lyrics sis 😒😒😒😒😒

— La’Trice (@MusicHeartsMJ) November 12, 2018
I’m watching this Nicki performance like #PCAs

— JC (@TheReal_JordanC) November 12, 2018
If Nicki Minaj never had another live performance then I’d be fine with that. #PeoplesChoiceAwards

— ⚜️ Keith ⚜️ (@__justkeith) November 12, 2018
Can someone please explain to me why Nicki Minaj NEVER actually raps live and just stops rapping and lets the back track take over. ALWAYS. LITERALLY EVERY TIME. #PCAs

— gmonster (@Gareymonster) November 12, 2018

Is it just me or did Nicki Minaj just not remember her lyrics to Dip? #PCAs18

— QUEEN’22nd (@MxnnaV) November 12, 2018
Nicki Minaj does so many stale features she can’t remember the lyrics to the verses she just wrote. She needs to rehearse!

— hatersbeware96 (@thebaddiebee) November 12, 2018
While others think she still totally nailed it…

Congratulations to the Queen @NICKIMINAJ on your 2 well deserved awards!!!! You looked amazing and your performance was amazing!!!! I just love you❤❤👑🎉🎉

— sarroya Robinson (@RobinsonSarroya) November 12, 2018
Her stange presence is unmatched #PCAs

— Nicolas™🇨🇴 (@itsnicolasze) November 12, 2018
Nicki Minaj messed up her lyrics while performing but still managed to kill it, she is such a queen #PCAs

— Mia Jordan (@miabellatv) November 12, 2018
Last week, Nicki performed with Little Mix at the MTV VMAs, and everyone was crazy about it.

Their routine involved a lot of dancing, and at one point the girls did a little shimmy forward in a line. Following the performance, Perrie spoke about what it was like to be able to rest her head on Nicki’s bum.

“Not many people can say that,” she said, as the group accepted the award for best UK and Ireland act. She added that it was “life-changing” and “heavenly”.

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