Tyson Fury Takes To Twitter To Explain His Reason For Returning To Boxing


The boxing world is caught up in Tyson Fury-fever at this moment in time.

The Gypsy King – who is nowhere near fighting weight at this point – has announced that he intends to make an unbelievable return to the four-cornered ring in the foreseeable future.

The 29-year-old – who defeated Wladimir Klitschko in his last professional bout – is targeting two mega-fights upon his return; Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua.

A contest between Fury and the latter would be the biggest fight in British history, while taking on the Bronze Bomber would also draw an enormous pay-per-view audience.

He has said that the thought of toppling the two heavyweight Goliaths is part of the reason why he is looking to return to the ring, asserting himself as the king of the division once again.



Now, it is well documented that the Gyspy King has had a rather tumultuous time since his victory over Klitschko, with drug and mental health issues plaguing the former champion.

And it is this reason that he is returning, to show the world that people can return from such ordeals and is looking to raise awareness towards mental health issues.

To be fair to Fury, he really couldn’t have worded it any better and despite his controversial views on a number of things, you certainly have to applaud him here.

If he can overcome his issues and get back into fighting shape and gets the green light after his UKAD meeting, it will be huge for the sport.

However, his attack on Joshua after his victory over Carlos Takam in Cardiff was certainly not as classy as his above message.


He said: “After looking at the fight on the weekend with AJ and Takam, AJ struggled with, let’s face it, a glorified midget, no disrespect to midgets, because I happen to like midgets and I’ve sh****d a couple.

“But he was a glorified midget in the heavyweight division.

“He was a tough man and he was brave but he ain’t Tyson Fury he ain’t 6ft 9, 18 stone, can turn on a fifty pence coin.

“He ain’t that man and he [Joshua] struggled with that man [Takam] – so how’s he going to beat this man if he struggles with midgets who just come forward with their hands up.”

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