U.S. Removes PYD/YPG From Annual Terrorism Report

On Wednesday a statement was released that the U.S. State Department omitted the PYD/YPG terrorist group from its 2017 Country Reports on Terrorism. The earlier edition of the report noted that Turkey views the Syria-based PYD/YPG as an extension of the PKK militant group.

It added that Turkey refers to Fetullah Gulen as the leader of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization ‘FETO’, but the State Department described him as an “Islamic cleric”.

It also includes that “Turkey’s counterterrorism efforts were changed in the aftermath of the July 2016 coup attempt due to the government’s investigation of FETO.”

Turkey continued its intensive efforts to defeat terrorist organizations both inside and outside its borders, including the PKK terrorist organization and Daesh terrorist group, according to the report.

And also according to the report, terrorist attacks around the world decreased by 23 percent, while the number of casualties caused by terrorist attacks fell by 27 percent.

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