UAE Condemns Somalia Authorities For Seizing Private Jet

The United Arab Emirates denounced on Tuesday Somalia experts for seizing one of its non military personnel aircraft that was carrying millions of dollars.

In an announcement, the Foreign Ministry said that the fly was seized at Mogadishu airplane terminal conveying US$9.6 million in real money designated to help the Somali armed force and students.

The Ministry added that some those onboard the plane had been held at gunpoint and assaulted by Somali security forces.

This action is an illegal step that “contradicts the established diplomatic norms and traditions between countries and is a serious breach of the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two countries in November 2014,” it continued, according to WAM.

The UAE “deplores this violation of international law and norms, at a time when the UAE has provided all kinds of political, economic, military and humanitarian support in the darkest conditions to establish security and stability in the Somali Federal Republic.”

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