United State government decline to reunite results of detained migrant children with parents

The United State government has withhold to rejoin 46 detained migrant children under the age of five with their parents over concerns for their safety.
Donald Trump’s administration said those youngsters – who represent 50% of the under-fives in custody – had been separated from parents who were violent criminals, or adults who were not their parents at all. MailOnline reported that 11 adults awaiting reunions had ‘serious criminal histories,’ including convictions for child cruelty, kidnapping, murder, people trafficking and domestic violence.
Immigrant woman and their children pictured last month after crossing the border illegally and being freed under the same ‘catch and release’ scheme that Donald Trump vowed to eliminate.
Officials claimed one adult abused the child he traveled with, while another adult told of his plans to house a child with a suspected pedophile. The Trump administration said Thursday it had reunited all eligible children and adults.

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