US Authorities Aware Of Mandela’s Arrest Claims

US authorities say they are aware of reports that a former American official is claiming in a new documentary that he gave information which led to the arrest of former President Nelson Mandela in 1962.

Donald Rickard told the film maker that he was a former US Vice Consul in Durban and a CIA operative.

Unfortunately, he died several weeks ago. The film, “Mandela’s Gun”, is set to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

The US State Department is not commenting further on the contents of these reports or the implications they might have for the relationship between the United States and South Africa.

US State Department’s John Kirby says, “Well, our relationship with the government in Pretoria is very strong and we look forward to continuing to enjoy that close relationship going forward.”

He says he has seen the press reports and does not have anything to comment.



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