US Denies $5 Billion Offer In Aid To Palestine

On Thursday, The White House denied a claim that U.S. President Donald Trump offered $5 billion in aid to Palestine if it returns to the negotiating table with Israel. The claim was reported by Globes, an Israeli newspaper, which said the U.S. president was even willing to give more than the amount proposed, according to anonymous diplomatic sources who spoke to Globes.

The Globes wrote; “Either the Palestinians continue their refusal and stubbornness, in which case the PA ‘Palestine Authority’ will sink into a severe economic crisis, or the Palestinian leadership straightens up, comes to talk, and gets political and economic independence.”

Jason Greenblatt trump’s Special Representative on International Negotiations responded that it was false and no such offer was made. Greenblatt wrote on Twitter, he tweets; “Fact: False. When the peace plan is released, if the PA ‘Palestinian Authority’ is serious about peace wants to improve Palestinian lives, the PA should want to review the plan engage. It is an absurd idea to pay $5b for a party to ‘return to the negotiating table.’ How would that accomplish peace??.”

The U.S. has taken steps in recent months to cut funding and resources to Palestinian interests, including cutting aid to Palestine and shutting down the office of the Palestinian mission in Washington.

The steps have been seen as the U.S.’s approach to its plan for Middle East peace.

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