US Presidential Elections 2016: State by State Results Tracker

As each American state declares its support in the Republican and Democrat primaries, a firmer picture is developing of who will be in the race to succeed Barack Obama as the 45th US President.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have tightened their grip on the nominations after a series of big delegate wins, with the two candidates looking likely to go head-to-head in the race for the White House.

As the race goes on, The Telegraph‘s results map and tracker will keep you up to date with the latest primaries and results in the 2016 presidential race.

Republican primaries: Will Trump win the Republican nominee?

Donald Trump has more support than any other candidates, with the dominant force in the Republican primaries pushing out his closest rivals.

Republican primaries: The race to 1,237 delegatesNumber of delegates per candidateTrumpCruzKasich025050075010001250

Mr Trump has won in 26 states, out of a total of 38 primaries. Mr Cruz won 10, including his home state of Texas, before dropping out after failing to win Indiana, claiming that his path had been “foreclosed”.

Two other candidates, Mark Rubio and John Kasich, have both dropped out of the race, after winning just four state primaries between them.

With Mr Trump looking the most likely candidate to gain the Republican nomination, winning in states nationwide, the billionnaire businessman has called himself a “unifier”.

The Republican establishment has been left wondering how the outsider – who was not considered a credible candidate when he first announced his candidacy – can be handled.

Democrat primaries: Will Clinton see off Sanders?

Some 41 states have so far had their say in the Democrat primaries and caucuses – with Mrs Clinton winning 23 and Mr Sanders claiming 18.

Democrat primaries: The race to 2,383 delegatesNumber of delegates per candidateClintonSanders05001000150020002500

In terms of delegates, this has given Clinton a strong lead over Mr Sanders.

However, Mr Sanders has disproved the theory that he can only win among north-eastern liberals, claiming states from Minnesota to Colorado.

Mrs Clinton’s “Southern firewall” has so far held, making her the Democrats’ frontrunner, calling on her supporters to “make America whole again”.

When is the US election?

The presidential elections of the United States will take place on November 8, 2016.

So far, it looks like the contest will be between Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump.

Their candidacies depend, however, on securing a majority of delegates in each of their parties’ primaries: 2,383 in the Democrat race and 1,237 in the Republican race.

Please note delegate counts are subject to change as each state has their primaries.

Source: Telegraph

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