Venezuelans Storm National Assembly On Independence Day, Beat Up Lawmakers

Supporters of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stormed the National Assembly on their Independence Day on Wednesday with sticks, stones and pipes to attack lawmakers.

The attackers, some with bandannas etched with the Venezuelan flag tied to their noses, first besieged the building, trapping the lawmakers inside, threatening to cut water and power supply.

According to CNN, later in the day, they eventually pushed down the large wooden doors of the parliament, beating bloody the opposition lawmakers inside.

At least five lawmakers were injured, one of them beaten unconscious, but declared fine at the hospital.

Journalists in the building also claimed they were assaulted.

The lawmakers had been discussing an unofficial plebiscite, a national vote that would be a move toward an election seeking to oust the President.

They have however said that they will schedule another session to continue their discussions.

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