Victoria Beckham Launch Target Collection For Kids’ Clothes (photo)

We’ve all dreamed of owning a Victoria Beckham design, but we don’t all have the budget for a designer wardrobe.

But now, Beckham will turn that dream into a reality with the launch of VB x Target, a limited collection of apparel and accessories for women, girls, toddlers and babies.

instyleapril2017Pamela Hanson / InStyle

“For a while now, I have been thinking how great it would be to work on clothes for a customer that either doesn’t want to pay or can’t pay designer prices,” Beckham told A Bullseye View, Target’s corporate website. “I loved the idea of opening the brand up to a wider audience and being able to share my vision with a broader customer base.”

The collection, which launches April 9, will feature more than 200 dresses, rompers, tops and bottoms in a variety of colors, prints and patterns.

The cutest part? The women’s line will correspond with the kids’ clothes, making it simple to coordinate adorable mommy-and-me looks.

instyleapril2017Pamela Hanson / InStyle

The pop star-turned-designer and mother of four told InStyle magazine that this launch will give shoppers a glimpse into her relationship with her own 5-year-old daughter, Harper.

“This is fun, easy, cute, all of those things,” Beckham told the magazine of her designs. “Very honest. Very me.”

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