Video Captures Police Telling Venus Williams She Was At Fault In Fatal Crash

In a video captured from the body camera of one of the officers responding to the fatal crash involving Venus Williams, the police are shown to tell Williams that she was at fault.

“Witnesses said he had a green light,” one of the officers said in the video as the group discusses the situation. “And then Venus Williams continued to come across after the other car made a left turn, so Venus Williams actually violated this car’s right of way.”

At another point, the officer says, “I will put her at fault.”

Williams is then seen in her vehicle as the officer explains the situation. “What seems to have happened is: from the time that you entered North Lake Boulevard and stopped, the light, the westbound light changed to green. And that car was westbound in the right lane, and he had a green light. And so you kind of violated his right of way.”

The video also shows the officer saying, “I don’t feel comfortable citing her for it.”

The video is edited and jumps around, but according to TMZ Sports, who obtained the footage, that was done in order to avoid showing any of the injuries. Linda and Jerome Barson, who were in the car that T-boned Williams, were both injured in the crash, and Jerome, 78, ultimately died of his injuries.

It is up to a jury to decide whether Williams was indeed at fault as the officers suggested.

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