VIDEO: Here’s How Sneaky Piers Morgan Is Making A Small Fortune Off Of David Cameron’s Resignation


Piers Morgan is at least £2,000 richer, perhaps more, in the wake of the resignation of former Prime Minister David Cameron.

Morgan, playing the role of soothsayer, had said before the UK’s EU referendum that should the ‘Leave’ camp win, Prime Minister David Cameron, ‘Remain’s’ biggest sponsor, would have to resign. Some politicians disagreed with him on that and thus Piers offered them a £1,000 bet.

On Good Morning Britain Monday, Morgan reminded defence secretary Michael Fallon of the bet, reminiding him of what’s owed. He also mentioned that John Whittingdale also took the bet, so that’s another 1,000 owed him.

Sneaky Piers. Knowing him he probably took the bet from many other people. A prick he might be, but a prescient one he is.

Only @PiersMorgan would remind the Defence Secretary live on air that he owes him £1,000 in a bet…

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