Vienna Rally Draws Thousands Over EU Migration Policies

On Thursday over 5,000 people of Austria’s capital to protest against the European Union’s policies against refugees and migration. In Vienna’s Leopoldstadt district, Protesters gathered in Praterstern holding banners with slogans in German, including “Build bridges, not a wall,” “Do not let Nazis rule” and “Protect human life”. Local police took extensive security measures at the demonstration.

During the demonstration, a statement was made by Markus Bachmann, a member of Doctors Without Borders, he said the highest number of migrants had died in the past 10 years last June and July because countries prevented relief agencies from helping them, referring to migrants stranded in the Mediterranean Sea. Rescued migrants, especially in the Mediterranean, should not be sent to Libya, where war and violence continue, he added.

The protesters later marched to the Austria Center Vienna, where EU ministers were attending a two-day conference titled “Security and Migration – Promoting Partnership and Resilience” and ended their demonstration there.

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