Volvo Driver Brutally Knocks Cyclist Off His Bike Before Racing Away

I’m not a big fan of cyclists. I like bikes – I like it that many people go green instead of taking unnecessary car trips, and overall bikes are a good thing; less noisy than motorbikes (which came first?) and less polluting than cars. All well and good.

Still, I’m not took keen on it when I see London’s GoPro-bearing, lycra-clad knights of the road whizz past at high speed, ignoring zebra crossings and red lights, shouting at pedestrians with limitless entitlement and just generally being bulgy and sweaty arseholes. But, just because I’m not a fan of every cyclist on the road doesn’t mean I want to mow them down in a car. Or at least if I do, I’ll stick to recreating such monstrous deeds in a nice healthy way – in my mind, for example, or on GTA. Okay, neither of those are healthy. I’ll just stick to seething resentment.

Unfortunately, one fella in America decided to go the whole hog and act upon his hatred of cyclists in a very real and physical way, which is a) nuts, and b) not very nice, much like the video below (warning: it’s really not very nice).

Seeming to forget that cars are much faster and much heavier than people, a driver in Tennessee decided that cyclists are so annoying he should ram one with his motor. What a prick.

Cyclist knocked off bike


Credit: Facebook/Greg Goodman

As the video shows, the driver seems to purposefully hit cyclist Tyler Noe as he’s going about his day. The offending Volvo then drives off immediately afterwards, leaving the victim to lie prone on the tarmac.

Fortunately, Tyler was able to get up, though he needed to go to hospital shortly afterwards.

Cyclist knocked off bike

Credit: Facebook/Greg Goodman

Tyler’s friend Greg Goodman, who uploaded the video, commented: “Three hours ago this person intentionally hit my friend Tyler Noe on Natchez Trace. We had a witness behind us who said he has seen this same Volvo try to hit someone else last week. Tyler is at the hospital and doing ok. He is one tough dude!”

Poor guy. Hopefully, the gobshite who Volvo’d the poor cyclist will get his comeuppance with a lengthy driving ban that’ll see him homebound or, better yet, he’ll be forced to cycle to work. That’d be irony pie served with an amazing side dish of justice soup. Bam!

Words: Ronan O’Shea

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Greg Goodman

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