Wale Signs New Record Deal With Warner Bros.

Wale has simply pen to paper on another record manage Warner Bros. in front of his 6th studio collection.

The deal was encouraged by MMG manager Rick Ross amid a seat with Warner Bros. administrators Tom Corson, Chris Atlas, PJ Bloom and Stephen Cooper, with Carl Chery, Spotify’s current head of curation, in attendance.

The as of yet untitled sixth album is due in the autumn/winter months.

‘COO’ Tom Corson posted a statement regarding in which he highlighted Wale’s “conscientious approach to the craft” as a reason for signing off on the seasoned veteran.

He said “He is a pillar in the hip-hop community and beyond; with his cultural relevance and lyrical prose, he continues to elevate the game,” high praise coming from anyone, much less someone with over 40 years experience in the industry.

Wale’s other ventures include a partnership with a sneaker manufacturer and a talent agency that brings together musicians, comedians and screenwriters on shared values.

Wale spoke of the opportunity as an exciting in his career: “I am thrilled to be at a company that is willing to showcase my artistry, while supporting my entrepreneurial spirit. I felt their passion, commitment and enthusiasm from day one.

They believed in my vision wholeheartedly, and I am ready to show and prove.”

And here we have it, a star is reborn. It seems everyone is doggone tired of Atlantic Records and their bullish tendencies.

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