Watch: Britain’s Biggest Family Bout Getting Bigger – 21st Baby On Its Way

UK’s biggest family is going to get bigger as they are set to welcome their 21st infant into the world. Parents Sue and Noel Radford announced they are expecting a girl – despite claiming they would call it quits after their 20th.

Taking to Instagram earlier today they wrote: ‘We can’t wait to welcome you into the family precious little one.’ The Radford’s latest child will join siblings Chris, 28, Sophie, 23, Chloe, 22, Jack, 20, Daniel, 18, Luke and Millie 16, Katie, 14, James, 13, Ellie, 12, Aimee, 11, Josh, ten, Max, eight, Tillie, seven, Oscar, five, Casper, four, Hallie, two, and Phoebe, 13 months, and Archie who was born in September.

The news comes just months after Sue, 42, and Noel, 47, from Morecambe, Lancashire, said Archie would be their last child – yet Sue has fallen pregnant again.

But despite their massive brood the Radfords still don’t claim any benefits, with the only state handouts they receive being child benefits. On their YouTuce account Sue says: ‘We’re just on the way home from having a very special appointment. ‘And I’m just wondering if anybody can guess where we’ve been.

‘I hope you enjoy our gender reveal and, yes, I am pregnant.’ The family, from Morecambe, Lancashire, spend £300 a week on food shopping, with 18 pints of milk, three litres of juice and three boxes of cereal being consumed every day.

The older children help out a lot at home with cooking, cleaning and looking after their younger siblings. Sue and Noel had their first child Chris just 14 but refused to give him up for adoption – because they were adopted themselves.

Noel, who runs Radford’s Pie Company in Morecambe, had a vasectomy during his wife’s ninth pregnancy but later had it reversed, and said he has no plans to have another one. The couple are also grandparents to Sophie’s three children.

The family lives in a ten-bedroom house and own a 15-seater minivan which can no longer transport all their kids at once.

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