Watch: Cardi B Delighted With How Pregnancy Changed Her Body

While numerous ladies grumble about the weight pick up related with pregnancy, Cardi B is just concentrating on the positives.

She may not be the most joyful about the mental changes she’s experienced however she couldn’t be any more satisfied with how her body has changed while conveying Offset’s kid.

As her due date must be nearing, Cardi has halted all performances until the Fall, enjoying the time she has with her baby and her last few months of pregnancy.

While she may have needed to see a plastic surgeon for any breast augmentations she was interested in at one time, she now knows that getting pregnant will give her the same results.

Speaking to her followers in an Instagram video, Cardi noted how happy she is about how her body has changed. “You see what my child is doing to me?” asked Bardi. “Do you see my motherfucking hair? This shit growing.

You see my skin, like a b-tch look like I put moisturizer but I just woke up. T-tties is getting bigger, know what I’m saying? B-tch don’t gotta go to DR to get her t-tties done no more like, got a whole motherfucking brand new pair of t-tties.”

Lamenting the negative aspects of pregnancy like her heartburn and loss of breath at times, Cardi asserts that her child is doing her good with her looks.

While it is unclear how far along Cardi is in her pregnancy, it was reported as far back as Super Bowl weekend when her team claimed she was a few months pregnant. What do you think Offset and Bardi will name their child?

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