Watch: Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Speaks On Her Relationship With Her Dad

In spite of Eminem’s status, he’s figured out how to stay under the radar in the general population eye.

He’s dependably been inconceivably private with regards to his family life particularly with regards to his little girl, Hailie.

She’s now 22 years old and graduated from Michigan State University from psychology. She recently gave an incredibly rare interview where she spoke about her relationship with her dad, her future plans and more.

Eminem’s daughter spoke to the DailyMail for one of her first public interviews. Despite graduating “on the Dean’s List or whatever,” she says her plans post-graduation are still up in the air.

However, given that she has a massive Instagram presence, with nearly million followers, she has an interest in becoming a social media influencer.

“People have been reaching out through [Instagram], as I don’t have any [management].” she said.

When asked whether she’s been approached for photo shoots, she said, “Not so much [by] magazines, but companies who work with them.”

She also spoke on her relationship with her father for the first time.

She currently lives in her own house in Detroit which is close to her family home. After she was asked if she sees her dad frequently and if he’s supportive of her ventures, she simply responded, “Of course, we are very close.”

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