Watch Jhene Aiko’s Performance of ‘While We’re Young’

By now, you would’ve taken Trip for a few spins. While you were doing that, Jhene Aiko was getting ready for the tour for her latest album but before that, she stopped by the Late Night with Seth Meyers to perform While We’re Young.

Opting for an unplugged performance of the song, Jhene played to the strengths of acoustic instruments like the harp to draw on the romance of the song’s subject matter: a longing to elope with the love of your life.

It was characteristically delicate Jhene Aiko performance and probably the best indication of what’s to come on tour.

Speaking of that tour, Aiko’s first stop will be in Detroit on 14 November before wrapping up two weeks later. Willow Smith will be tugging her bags in the tour bus too for a set of opening act sets.

In case you don’t make the show, watch Jhene Aiko’s performance of While We’re Young below.


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