Watch Lady Gaga Stop Her Connecticut Show To Help An Injured Fan

Maybe Mother Monster isn’t just a clever nickname. Lady Gaga’s maternal instinct kicked in on Saturday night (Nov. 11) during a Joanne World Tour stop in Connecticut when she stopped the show after noticing a female fan bleeding in the audience.

In a fan video of the incident, Gaga is seen crouching down and asking the woman, named Meredith, if she was okay.

“Are you all right? Do you need some extra help? Yeah? Okay, so do you need a paramedic? They’re on their way? Okay,” Gaga says in the clip, asking the woman her name and trying to keep her calm until help arrives.

“I’m so sorry that you got hit in the face and that you’re bleeding.”

Gaga assures the woman that she will be taken care of as Meredith was taken away by the EMS crew at the Mohegan Sun Arena. “Okay, I think she’s going to go off now to see the doctors,” the singer says.

“What we all need to remember is that there are things more important than show business.” And, because the show must go on, she dedicated an a cappella version of “Paparazzi” to her fallen Monster.


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