Watch: Rihanna Hilarious Response To Reporter’s Royal Wedding Invite

Rihanna initially met Prince Harry in 2016 when the two attempted to bring issues to light on World AIDS Day by taking HIV tests together in Barbados amid Harry’s Caribbean visit. Normally, individuals have been connecting the two together from that point onward, notwithstanding starting up the image of a preview of the two at the AIDS occasion where Rihanna theoretically tells the ruler, “So, I hear you like black girls now” when news broke of his relationship with fiancée Meghan Markle.

Recently, in conjunction with the arrival of her SAVAGE X Fenty lingerie line, headlines popped up about RiRi supposedly saying that she would be gifting the royal newlyweds with some “savage” pieces from her line, but as it turns out, Rihanna wasn’t even checking for a royal wedding in the first place.

It was at the launch event for her new line that she stopped to speak with Access and the reporter brought up her encounter with Harry in 2016 and the impending wedding, “So is that really coming up, like soon or something?”

“It’s in a week,” is the reply. Rihanna then makes a remark about needing to “stay on the Internet more,” which then prompts Access to come to the conclusion that Rihanna was never invited to begin with. Rihanna then asks, “Why would you think I’m invited?”

The response is somewhere along the lines of the explanation that her one-time encounter with Prince Harry would warrant an invite to an exclusive event out of which some world leaders have been excluded.

Keeping things in tune with her savagery, though, Rihanna offers up some logic: “”Okay, you met me. You think you’re coming to my wedding. Am I coming to yours?”

Naturally, the reporter says that Rihanna will definitely be getting an invite to her wedding either way. Watch the full moment below.

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