What Fashion Trend Did “Miami Vice” Help Make Popular?

What Fashion Trend Did “Miami Vice” Help Make Popular?

Miami Vice is a crime drama series that came out in the 1980s and had a big influence on fashion trends at that time even today. A common question to this day is what fashion trend did Miami Vice help make popular? Many people, especially the fans of the show, are still talking about the fashion influence that the show brought into the public. The show even considered to be one of the biggest influence in Miami.

People who are not familiar with the show are probably surprised that people are talking about fashion rather than the story in that show. But once you learn about all the fashion styles this show had you’ll understand why.

So, Miami Vice showed a lot of people in elegant and stylish clothing. Think of detectives in fancy clothing that still look cool today. In this article, I want to talk about all the fashion trends that Miami Vice made popular.

No Socks

This is probably my favorite one because not only do I also do this, many people do this too. Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson), one of the main characters in Miami Vice, was never seen wearing socks in the show. Every time he shows up you won’t see him wearing socks.

And it was so big back in the day when everyone was copying his style. Also, let’s not forget his blazers as well. So no sock while wearing blazers.

So how do you wear shoes without socks? Well, this fashion style is only suitable on some occasions. First of all, make sure that your shoes are clean and stylish. Because without socks, your shoes are going to stand out more.

Second, if not wearing socks is a bit uncomfortable for you, try wearing socks that can be hidden inside. Usually, these socks are called hidden or no-show socks.

More on No Socks

Third, make sure the hems of your pants are at least two inches above your shoes and they are slim-cut but not too tight. This is to make sure the area around your ankle looks more stylish and cleaner. Slim-fit chinos look the best with no-sock look. Though, trousers, jeans, and shorts are great too.

If you’re worried about the smell caused by not wearing socks, you should try cedar shoe tree, shoe deodorizer, and insoles to keep your shoes fresh all the time.

For more ideas of what kinds of shoes to wear you can try loafers, boat shoes, monks, slip-ons, sneakers, and brogues. All without socks on.

V-neck T-shirts

V-necks are still popular nowadays, though it seems like people are split in half between like it or hate it. And yes, Miami Vice did make V-neck T-shirts popular. Many characters from the show wore V-necks, complete with the coat and pants.

It was one of the most popular fashion trends among young people. Even today you’ll see young people wearing it.

Sleek blazers

If you want to copy Miami Vice’s style, then you need to get a sleek and perhaps unique blazer. Pair your blazer with a slim-fit chino trousers and you get what I call the Ricardo Tubbs style. This kind of style is really timeless, it looked good in the 80s and it looks good now.

If you’re wondering, Ricardo Tubbs is a character in the show who used to rock the blazer appearance and turned into a fashion trend. His blazers were always sleek and double-breasted, matching with his trousers, and sometimes also paired up with rolled up sleeves and a t-shirt. You can ask anyone about the Miami Vice style and they probably would refer to the blazers.


If there’s one thing that became popular because Miami Vice and never dies are hoops. Hoops are always in the fashion market and many people of all ages love hoops.

In Miami Vice, you can see many kinds of hoops, from small to large. All kinds of hoops are visible in the show and that made them popular. It’s like Miami Vice was encouraging people to try them all. Saundra Santiago and Olivia Brown are two characters who love hoops the most.

Bangs, Curls, and Short Hair

One of the biggest trends that got popular because of Miami Vice is the bangs, curls, and short hairstyle. Back in the day, it was a huge change since long hair was very common for women. And then suddenly, Miami Vice brought a short hairstyle and made it popular.

Trudy and Gina, the two actresses in the show, played their roles really well with their short hair. Both characters were rocking their short hair differently. They looked so confident and beautiful with their short hair and caused a big wave of women with short hair.

Nowadays, women with short hair are very common. Some women even cut their hair short to boost their confidence. We can thank Miami Vice for this fashion trend.

Pastel colors

Pastel colors were almost extinct back then, but Miami Vice had brought them back to life. These colors were used so much in the show that many fans noticed them and wanted to adopt them. Pastel colors became a massive sensation in the 80s and are still loved today.


Rolex, a fashion trend from Miami Vice

For people who love watches, this is probably the biggest influence that Miami Vice has created. When Sonny first released Rolex in a TV show back in 1980, it became very popular among young people. And then the Miami Vice introduced Rolex as a brand in the show, and it blew up. Now Rolex has become the brand of luxury watches and people wear them with pride.

Wayfarer shades

Another trend that was created by the Miami Vice that seems to be immortal is wayfarer shades. The Miami Vice made wayfarer shades very popular and now people or even characters in movies are wearing them. Wayfarer shades have become such an icon and I don’t think anything else is going to replace them.

Shoulder pads

Another vintage style that was also popularized by Miami Vice is shoulder pads. Shoulder pads paried with jackets, blazers, and even T-shirts was so popular back in the 80s, thanks to Miami Vice. Too bad the trend didn’t last long, I think it was already out of phase in the early 90s.

Miami Vice is a timeless classic

So, there you have it, the answers what fashion trend did Miami Vice help make popular? Miami Vice and its influence in fashion are still here today. If you haven’t watched the show yet, I suggest you start now and see for yourself why the show is famous for its fashion styles.

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