Which Of These Statements Accurately Captures A Current Trend In Operations?

Which Of These Statements Accurately Captures A Current Trend In Operations?

Answer the following question: which of these statements accurately captures a current trend in operations?

  1. There is increased focus on local market and local competition.
  2. Rapid product development.
  3. Jobs are increasingly specialized as worker focus on basic assembly tasks.
  4. Mass production at the expense of product variety.

The answer is B, rapid product development. Now, let’s talk more about rapid product development to help you understand it better.

What is rapid product development?

Rapid product development or RPD is a method of creation that allows investors to prove their concept and bring items to the market faster and more efficiently. RPD has a lot of advantages that should be taken into consideration for people who are starting with limited budget or time.

RPD allows you to make better products and market them quickly, and gain advantage over your competitors. It is also considered to be an exciting and meaningful learning experience. There are many methodologies that you should know, from the initial product design to the manufacturing process.

Rapid product development is very useful at capturing a new trend due to the fast pace of new products creations. With RPD, you can move from the development stage to manufacturing at a faster rate. Now let’s talk of other benefits of RPD.

Improved communication

Explaining your vision is difficult, can take too much time, and make everyone confused. It is very much different from having an actual working model, which can be used to explain your vision in a more explicit way. The team can see the model and its functions better and make sure that everyone is on the same page.


Rapid prototyping can reduce the cost of product development costs, which can go from $10,000 to $30,000. Creators can develop more products faster with fewer materials. The costs of an entire project will be significantly reduced.

Supporting niche market

Creating unique and niche items can be very expensive, but thanks to the low cost of rapid prototyping, this is no longer a problem. Any creator with low budget can make a one-of-a-kind prototype or even customizing accessories that are commonly available.

You can change the material according to what you need to the printers. This way you can easily create custom patterns or colors at little cost and no waste. In the future, you can also allow customers to make requests regarding all kinds of variation of your products.

Better quality

Creating something at a faster rate doesn’t mean you have to compromise its quality. With rapid prototyping, you can speed up the design process and manufacture your creation faster. You can fix any design flaws as you go and add pretty much anything new whenever you feel like to.

You can test and make as many prototypes as you want and make sure the next manufacturing process is better than the last. Running usability tests and destructive tests are not a problem and making sure that your designs meet all expectations is easier than ever.


Rapid product development or RPD allows all businesses to save time, resources, material, and money. This is very beneficial especially for small business with limited budget and resources. You can release your products at the right time with little cost, and make necessary modifications whenever you want.

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