Why you must go for holiday in Florida this year: Relaxation, thrills, and experiences of a lifetime

So many hidden treasures to be discovered at Discovery Cove Ever dreamed of a holiday destination with everything at your fingertips; clean sandy beaches, waterfalls, lagoons where you can get close to nature and even swim with a dolphin, not to mention unlimited drinks and nibbles? Well, it’s waiting for you at Discovery Cove in Orlando.
This gem is conveniently situated at the heart of the action, in Orlando, but offers an escape like no other with the all-inclusive resort making your life easier by providing entertainment for all of the family against a backdrop of pure relaxation. You don’t have to drive hours on end to get to feel the sand beneath your toes, instead you can rock up to Discovery Cove, hop in a hammock and make like a starfish on Serenity Bay.

Why you need to holiday in Orlando this year
Let’s breakdown the dream day, so you don’t have to: Swim with a dolphin Make friends with a dolphin and hitch a ride of your life. Discovery Cove is the only place in Orlando where you and your family can swim with a dolphin. Making memories you will never forget, this experience will be something you’ll probably talk about forever.

Why you need to holiday in Orlando this year
Guests are taught about dolphins and their behaviour and how they communicate with each other before you’re allowed to venture into the lagoon, where the bottlenose beauty is waiting to have some fun. There’ll be plenty of rubdowns, hugs and kisses as a trainer guides you through the experience before your new friend will let you hold on to its dorsal fin and give you a tow ride back to the shore.
Take a load off Fun for all of the family at Serenity Bay – make like a star fish. Kick back and relax in the hammocks or loungers around the park, with Serenity Bay and North Beach offering a sandy beach getaway, with no need to rush or even get up unless you fancy dipping your toes. Catch some rays while protecting yourself with animal safe sun lotion thoughtfully provided by the park too.

Why you need to holiday in Orlando this year
Whether it’s after the long haul flight or tense after a whirlwind few days zipping around the theme parks trying to keep up with little tornadoes who want to see and do everything, Discovery Cove also offers massages to knead all the stresses away.
No one can blame you for wanting to keep your energy up with a soft pretzel. It’s holiday after all. Breakfast is served at the Laguna Grill, where you can dive into hot delights, yoghurts, fresh fruit and more before tucking into a delicious lunch. With everything from chicken tenders, to a tropical summer Cobb salad, you don’t have to worry about fussy eaters as everyone is catered for, there’s even a special kids menu.

Adults don’t just have to wait until mealtimes to make the most of the unlimited cocktails either, as frozen daiquiris and a variety of other cocktails can be found at different spots around the resort and are basically calling your name in addition to a selection of wines and beers. Talk about grown up fun. Discovery Cove takes the stress away from planning the dream holiday, covering elements that don’t need to take up your time, with everything from lockers, to parking and showers included in the day’s experience. So you don’t have to concern yourself with the boring bits, instead just concentrating on the exciting parts. Dive in Go for a dive and discover a world beneath the water. Imagine going back to school and saying you’ve walked the ocean floor in SeaVenture. It’s been described as like walking on the moon. Fully interactive, guests wear a dive helmet before descending down onto the reef floor. Once there, you come face to face with the park’s sharks through an epic panoramic window. Under the water, you’ll be among the rays, schools of tropical fish and lots of unique sea life, perfect for water babies in the family. Swim among the fishes at The Grand Reef Explore 2.5 acres of underwater magic at The Grand Reef. Snorkeling through a vast world in between colourful coral reefs in the company of thousands of tropical fish is an experience you will never forget.

SeaWorld SeaVenture
If you want to delve even further into this underwater treasure trove, you can dive deeper to discover the incredible underwater grotto, or stay on land and simply paddling on the sand in the waves surrounded by majestic rays. Whatever your mood or swimming ability, The Grand Reef offers a chance to get up close and personal with marine life like never before. Back to nature And if that’s not enough, the Explorer’s Aviary and Freshwater Oasis give another dimension to the treasure trove of Discovery Cove.
Explorer’s Aviary is home to hundreds of different types of exotic birds, guests can watch the birds glide through the air or listen to them sing before being allowed to feed one from your own hand. Freshwater Oasis is yet another rare experience right at your fingertips in Orlando, allowing everyone to get close to charming marmosets and cheeky otters on wading adventures. Something for everyone.

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