Widow Whose Husband Died After Their Rift, Two Months Ago, Finds Love With His Brother

A widow whose husband died after she banished him to the sofa following a row has found love just two months later – with his brother (pictured left).

Ashley Murrell and her 36-year-old husband Mikey(right), had a row when he came home after another 16 hour shift at work and she was worried he was doing too much Mikey was only working so many extra hours so he could take his beloved wife to Prague for their anniversary on July 3.

But now it has emerged she is in a relationship with his brother Chris, after he supported her through her grief. A friend told The Sun : “Chris and Ashley have been through so much but they have really been there for each other.

It’s strange how from something so awful, something good can happen. They are really happy together.” The heartbroken mum urged people to ‘always kiss your loved ones goodnight’ this week after her former husband’s tragic death on May 16.

Devastated Ashley said she broke down at the sight of Mikey’s body and couldn’t stop screaming ‘he’s dead’ before running into the street and blanking out from the grief.

Losing her ‘king’ made Ashley realise that life’s too short not to cherish every moment with your loved ones and is urging couples never to go to sleep on an argument.

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