Woman Throws Cash Worth $2300 On Busy Street Because She Was In Bad Mood (Video)

A Chinese woman was seen throwing $2300 in cash on the street. Police arrived just after the strange scene, picked the money up, and proceeded to look for the mysterious person.


The lady was recorded by several nearby CCTV cameras, which made it possible for authorities to identify and locate her. She claimed she did the odd action, because she was “in a bad mood”.

The cash-throwaway happened on a busy busy in the city of Chongqing, located in the southwest area of the country. Traffic was even disrupted when she started scattering the bills, more than $2300.

Pedestrians were so in shock at the scene, that they surrounded the area and did not think of collecting the money. This made it possible for police to recover the entire amount.

Police described the woman as “long-haired woman, wearing a leather jacket and shorts.” Surveillance footage of her was posted online, causing local commotion. “I really want to be there for you when you are in a bad mood,” one Weibo user joked. Another one quipped that he was “in a bad mood after I read about this news. I don’t even have $2300 in my savings.”


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