Woman Trying To Get The Perfect Picture Causes ‘$200,000 Worth Of Damage’

People go to some extraordinary lengths to get that snap so they can either remember it for a lifetime or immediately upload to social media. It seems like people are trying to outdo each other in their quest for the best, cutest, quirkiest, most awesome or downright dumb photo.


Unfortunately for one woman, her journey caused an incredible amount of damage at an art gallery in Los Angeles.

She was looking at some of the objects featured in Simon Birch’s exhibit at The 14th Factory. The pieces are all set up on tall, individual pillars, which are all close together. You can probably see where this is going.

Check out the footage here…

Credit: YouTube/Notícia Agora

As her friend is snapping away at the gallery, the woman tries to crouch near a corner pillar before she knocks it over, causing a huge domino effect.

According to the person who uploaded it to YouTube, who says they’re friends with artist Mr Birch, the gallery contained ’60 crown-formed sculptures’. The user claims that the offending woman was told that the damage done to the exhibition was around $200,000 (£152,000).

Three of the crowns are understood to be permanently damaged.

The incident divided people on social media as to who is at fault.

Website Design Milk claims this work has taken six years to culminate into what was featured in that LA gallery.

It added what the collection, as a whole, was aiming for – stating: “Think about the storylines of Star Wars or Harry Potter and the monumental scenes that define the movies. Now, imagine you’re the hero of story as you take a walk through each room of The 14th Factory.”

Not sure what movie plots align with the crowns, but either way, someone is going to have to pay to have them fixed. Let’s hope the woman stays well clear of art exhibitions in the future.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Notícia Agora​

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