Zimbabwean female pilots make history

Two Zimbabwean female pilots made history when they became the first all woman team to fly from Harare to Victoria Falls.

The pilots, Captain Chipo Matimba and Captain Elizabeth Simbi Petros celebrated their accomplishment on social media.

“Air Zim First:- All Women 737 Flight Deck Crew!!!! Flt to Vic Falls This Morning. Was A pleasure Skipper Chipo Matimba!!!!!!” #FLYBABES #PaintingTheSkyPink


Air Zimbabwe also shared images of the pilots on their flight on its Facebook page.


Simon Massey commented on Air Zimbabwe’s Facebook page: “Female emancipation in Zimbabwe is one of the many things for which the country is ill recognised! Kudos Air Zimbabwe for proving a point the western media & most westerners have trouble believing, that good things DO happen in Zimbabwe!”

While Jason Williams who was on the flight said: “Well done ladies ..l came back from vic falls on a flight with Captain Petros ..what a beautiful landing ..”

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