Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Bring On Hollywood

Zlatan Ibrahimovic not just in L.A. to play football — informing TMZ Sports he’s 100% down to take his talents onto the big screen!!

FYI, Zlatan left BIG cash on the table to sign with the Galaxy … so when we got him up in the Bev Hills, we needed to inquire as to whether turning into Hollywood’s next activity star was on the psyche – and he didn’t deny it.

“Acting, I’m curious,” Ibrahimovic told TMZ Sports.”I look like action, or drama?”

Someone in the crowd suggested James Bond … but Zlatan told us he’s more of a ‘Bourne Identity’ guy (us too, Z).

Our guy also brought up Ivan Drago ’cause of the Dolph Lundgren-Swedish connection … but Ibra wasn’t about that life, either — “No, no, I’m stronger than that.”

This “born legend” has the chops, guys. If ya don’t believe us, just watch this:

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